Who are we?

We are a thought leading millennial marketing agency and resource with 15+ years of experience that authentically connects brands with today’s students through experiential and peer-to-peer channels.

We pride ourselves in creating incredible learning opportunities for the students we work with, which drive real results for the brands they’re representing.


We create campaigns around experiences that truly engage today’s college students with your brand and break through the everyday clutter of college life.

We avoid the more traditional trappings of marketing like TV, radio, newspapers, and everything in between.


We have a nationwide network of student influencers that we draw from to recruit student brand ambassadors with the passion and profile to match your brand’s DNA.

We then provide them with tools to spread the word in a genuine and authentic peer-to-peer manner.


The experiences that we create with our students convey the essence of your brand in a way that their peers can understand and relate to.

We’ll help translate your brand to millennials during peak times, in key areas, with relevant messaging.