adidas wished to further integrate the brand into all aspects of campus life at licensed schools through peer-to-peer and grassroots channels, both physically and digitally.


YMC designed a multi-channel strategy to help adidas become a permanent part of every facet of student life, by weaving brand experiences into campus life and traditions. The program encompasses the following:

  • Street teams comprised of the most influential students and collegiate sports fanatics plus armies of their passionate friends
  • Sponsorship of IM football, IM basketball, and fitness instructors
  • A full year of large and small events around key football and basketball games and events
  • User generated content around #OwnTheCampus to drive sales to local brick and mortar and e‐commerce retailers


  • Generated massive organic content creation and engagement across top social channels including:
    • Twitter: 91,000+ tweets, 65,500+ unique users+, 132.7+ million total impressions
    • Instagram: 14,100+ posts, 720,000+ total likes and comments, 20.6+ million total impressions
  • Drove double digit increases in sales and a 45% increase in student awareness for adidas’ licensed apparel on program campuses
  • Increased student customer traffic by 35% to in-campus adidas retailers