Aerie came to YMC with the desire to extend a unique retail brand experience to college students with a nationwide campus tour.


YMC and Aerie worked collaboratively to design the perfect structure from the ground up. The mobile showroom and retail concept created an inviting atmosphere where customers were excited to shop. Utilizing design elements from Aerie’s recently opened NYC pop-up store in SoHo, we maximized the success of the tour by developing the following campaign:

  • Turnkey planning and placement in high traffic areas on campus at colleges and universities in key Aerie markets
  • Ideation and creation of all tour activities, including: edible sweet treats, an on-site female DJ, a DIY customization station, and an interactive photo experience to create an immersive 50’ x 25’ footprint
  • Recruitment and training of student brand ambassadors at each campus, who promoted the event via physical and digital tactics several weeks before the tour arrived
  • Transportation, set-up, breakdown, and maintenance of all tour elements, including the 32’ mobile showroom


  • Significant increases in daily average sales and number of units sold as compared to the previous activations
  • Over 80,000 impressions generated PER WEEK by student brand ambassador activity in-person and via social media in 6 weeks
  • An average of over 800 customers PER STOP across the Spring Break tour