Amex Serve wanted to engage millennials, specifically college students, in an educational and fun way while showing them the value of Amex Serve as part of the trusted American Express brand.


YMC built a student brand ambassador campaign across 16 major college campuses nationwide, and tasked SBAs with educating their peers about the value of Amex Serve through educational and fun events including:

  • Brand ambassadors partnered with Greek organizations and clubs to fulfill groups’ nationally mandated continuing education requirements
  • SBAs illustrated unfortunate financial scenarios using video clips from popular TV shows and movies, while discussing how Amex Serve functionality remedies those money management woes
  • At Amex Get Served events, SBAs invited fellow students to enjoy complimentary, local eats, and branded prizes courtesy of Amex Serve


  • Significant increases in brand awareness and feature education among the student body at targeted campuses
  • 5,050 acquisitions across 4 program schools in an 8 week period
  • ROI-supporting spikes in Amex Serve account initiation were recorded during brand-sponsored event executions
  • Substantial boost in brand sentiment as students identified with the benefits, security, and protections of the card