Amp Energy, a nationwide leader in energy drinks that taste great & energize your taste buds as well as your body, tasked YMC with increasing awareness & growing market share among U.S. college students.


YMC designed a campaign to reach college students while on their spring break vacation through engaging events, eye-catching non-traditional media, and massive sampling efforts. By leveraging our on-site assets and strategic partnerships we were able to build the following:

  • Daytime pool and beach media takeovers, branding everything from the bottom of the pool, to lounge chairs, to giant inflatables
  • Stage contests, social sport competitions, dance parties, and other fun engaging branded events
  • Constant sampling through energy bars, ambassadors, and ice buckets


  • 80,000+ spring breakers reached with samples & events
  • 200,000+ samples distributed
  • Increase of 65% in brand awareness and brand affinity