In spring 2015, Anheuser-Busch and YMC partnered to bring the Bud Light “Up For Whatever” campaign to local college markets to establish brand preference among 21-24 year olds and support the idea that Bud Light is the “perfect beer for whatever happens”.


YMC developed and executed a brand ambassador program in 11 markets where ambassadors worked closely with in-market Anheuser-Busch teams to promote and execute localized brand marketing tactics.

  • Up For Whatever Ambassadors were active on all social media channels while ensuring content was always authentic, creative, and seasonally relevant.
  • YMC naturally integrated the brand into existing college traditions like the Alpha Psi Rodeo and Carolina Cup to create an emotional connection and a memorable experience with Bud Light.
  • YMC worked with ambassadors to create invite-only events like a private yacht party and exclusive Breakfast Bars for Bud Light enthusiasts who were “up for whatever”.


  • Ambassador-led activations increased sales of Bud Light up to 283%
  • Ambassadors exceeded expectations by collecting 246% more Whatever, USA auditions than required by Anheuser-Busch
  • Ambassadors reached 651,697 unique people through social media activity