California Cryobank needed help generating awareness for their expanding egg donor program. They identified college aged females as their biggest growth opportunity and partnered with YMC to reach this demographic.


After an initial research engagement, YMC found that college females were largely uninformed about the egg donation process and the prevalence of female infertility in the U.S.. To address both of these knowledge gaps, YMC developed a multi-phase and multi-channel college marketing program to engage and interact with female college students. The program included the following:

  • Brand ambassadors passionate about women’s health issues, trained to answer detailed questions about an often taboo and sensitive subject
  • Interactive and informative events across campus that provided information about infertility and the egg donation process
  • Group visits targeted at relevant student organizations that focused on debunking common myths and concerns around the egg donation process
  • Weekly one-on-one conversations with female students to answer questions about California Cryobank in a more private setting


  • The program generated over 1,200 direct interactions and 3,000 indirect interactions across three schools
  • Pre- and post-activity surveys indicated that after female students met with the ambassadors, they were more knowledgeable and receptive to egg donation
  • Over 15 qualified* applicants driven directly by the ambassador activity
    • *To be qualified, an applicant had to meet several physical and psychological benchmarks and continue through multiple stages of an application