Corona, the #1 selling imported beer in the U.S. that delivers a unique fun, sun, and positive, carefree state of mind partnered with YMC for close to 10 years to create compelling on-brand experiences targeting U.S. young adult tourism in Mexico.


YMC designed an integrated strategy to reach U.S. young adult tourists before they traveled, while on-site in Cancun and Acapulco Mexico both day and night, and after their vacation. By leveraging our on-site assets and strategic partnerships with Mexican and U.S. tour operators, hotels, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, we were able to build the following:

  • Daytime beach lounges connecting the product, beach, and consumer through the perfect place to relax, refresh, and be seen including:
    • Corona lounge, beach soccer, beach volleyball, and pool volleyball games
    • Corona branded nets, goals, and balls
    • Corona branding throughout pool and beach areas
    • MC and DJ on beach handing out Corona Premiums
    • Lounge furnishings including 2+ person lifeguard stands, shade screens over canopy beds, and additional over-sized cube beds for 4+ people
    • Team contests and beach cornhole games
  • Nighttime bar and club takeovers featuring:
    • Corona branded premiums, interior signage, branded beach balls, and spring break themed video streams
    • Live DJ and MC shout-outs
    • VIP Area including signage, table service, branded beer buckets, and Corona models
    • Marketing teams distributing party invites (5,000 per party) and VIP area access passes


  • Increased sales and distribution of Corona in Cancun and Acapulco, Mexico by 300%
  • 130,000+ U.S. young adult consumers reached across both destinations
  • 5,000+ Coronas sampled in-demo each day for 28 straight days
  • Average increase of 35% in brand awareness and brand affinity