ETS, the parent company of The GRE revised General Test, came to YMC to build awareness of the test and to educate around the benefits of an advanced degree, with the ultimate goal of increasing registration.


YMC focused on creating deeper engagement opportunities with the brand’s core demographic through peer-to-peer channels & strategic partnerships.

Through their exclusive relationship with The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (“NSCS”), YMC developed the following campaign:

  • Social Media:  weekly messaging, content shares, and original content creation posted on various social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
  • e-Communications: editorials, study guides, educational pieces, and informational articles shared via dedicated NSCS scholar and alumni newsletters and blog posts
  • On-Campus Events:  sponsored informational and educational campus events executed by over 100 NSCS campus chapters
  • NSCS Leadership Summit: event and media sponsorship including branded charging stations, sponsored small group seminars, and signage


  • Over 200,000 high-achieving college students exposed to The GRE revised General Test
  • Significant increases in awareness, retention of key benefits, and likelihood to register among the NSCS community