After strong start-up success, Harry’s sought to take on marketplace competitors like Gillette, Schick, and Dollar Shave Club by targeting professional college males, positioning Harry’s as a cool, forward-thinking, and college-relevant lifestyle brand, with the goal of converting them to lifelong Harry’s customers.


YMC and Harry’s collaborated to build a brand ambassador program through physical peer-to-peer brand awareness and product trials, with a focus on:

  • Creating brand advocates and positioning Harry’s as helping college males develop professionally, through lifestyle content and the Harry’s online educational platform, H’University
  • Growing the Harry’s customer base and driving commerce-focused website traffic throughout the program
  • Integrating the Harry’s Brand into the collegiate lifestyle through fun, engaging, and professionally-focused events and guerrilla tactics
  • Utilizing the social media presence of the Harry’s Campus Brand Managers by tapping into their large networks through unique, witty, and ingenious posts
  • Gathering feedback on Harry’s products, messaging, and competitor landscape; enhancing the Harry’s customer experience and differentiating the brand from competitors


  • New customer goal met and exceeded at 114% of original goal, with 3,400+ students converted to Harry’s users
  • Over 10,000 direct and indirect interactions with students and 88,000+ impressions on social media
  • Brand awareness and product differentiation at program campuses increased drastically, as Campus Brand Managers distinguished Harry’s from its competitors