After 10 years as an iconic fashion label, the Jessica Simpson Collection wanted to re-establish the brand with today’s college students by creating a monumental presence in the college market through exciting and unique on-brand events, student fashion influencer partnerships, organic fashion-forward social content, and word-of-mouth excitement.


The Jessica Simpson Collection worked with YMC to establish the #JessicaOnCampus program at 10 fashion-forward schools across the country, located near  Jessica Simpson Collection retailers like Belk and Nordstrom. The program included the following:

  • Campus Managers were given an all access pass to the brand, attending a VIP 10th Anniversary celebration in NYC and gaining exclusive access to Jessica Simpson showrooms
  • Teams highlighted the Jessica Simpson Collection in product-focused events featuring denim, sweaters, footwear, handbags, dresses, and more
  • On social media, Campus Managers and hundreds of event attendees produced continuous content, driving brand awareness and engagement
  • Event photos were delivered weekly, showcasing the impact of the program on each campus and authentic student interactions with the brand
  • Product and brand feedback in addition to market research was gathered from Campus Managers and student attendees


  • The program generated over 1,000 #JessicaOnCampus Instagram posts from over 300 users with an average of 160 engagements per post
  • Generated over 18MM social impressions across Instagram and Twitter
  • Campus Managers interacted with over 16,000 students and gifted 36,000 pieces of product to influential students
  • Awareness of Jessica Simpson retailers and product categories increased steadily throughout the semester