YMC and Kiss partnered to show female spring breakers that the imPRESS Press-On Manicures are for “every mood, every moment” through an experiential sampling program in Panama City Beach, FL and Cancun, Mexico.


Kiss Cosmetics and YMC collaborated to create an 8-week spring break sampling program in Panama City Beach, Florida and Cancun, Mexico to introduce millennials to press-on manicures and shake the misconceptions of similar products of the past.

  • Hand-to-hand sampling took place in multiple locations including orientation and around hotel properties on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday check-in days where ambassadors held engaging one-on-one conversations and provided product demonstrations
  • Roaming sampling took place by the pool and on resort grounds where brand ambassadors helped to match imPRESS manicures to each spring breaker’s beachwear


  • Generated significant increases in product awareness and education to over 150,000 spring breakers
  • Distributed 63,914 imPRESS manicure samples
  • Reached 60,000+ spring break females through targeted email blast and social properties