Macat, a platform designed to help students better understand their books & texts was a natural fit for the college academic environment.  Macat’s goal for this college campus marketing campaign was to increase awareness, grow their user base, & drive engagement.


YMC built a campus student brand ambassador program across 10 of the top universities in the country and tasked the brand ambassadors with driving awareness, growing the Macat user base, and furthering the understanding of Macat’s resources. They focused their efforts around experiential on-campus events & word-of-mouth promotion including:

  • Customized events in high traffic areas on campus focused on new user acquisition
  • Group visits to relevant student organizations and study groups that showcased the Macat library
  • Direct communication around the benefits of Macat with professors & teachers assistants, who then shared the platform with their classes and discussion groups
  • Capturing student & faculty feedback on beta version features and future platform upgrades


  • Significant increase in brand awareness and active users
  • 8,500+ signups over a 10-week period
  • Interactions with 21,000+ college students