Through the use of teams of student influencers dubbed “Brand Agents,” Neebo hoped to increase awareness among college students, drive sales in local Neebo stores and at, and nurture armies of brand advocates, turning them into repeat customers.


YMC developed the Neebo College Marketing program, a key initiative for Neebo to get on campus and engage with college students across the country. Brand Agent teams drove brand awareness and loyalty among college peers through the use of:

  • Custom Tactics: surprise & delight moments, product seeding, guerrilla messages, campus blitzes, and hand-to-hand interactions
  • Social Media:  weekly posts, content shares, and original copy on various social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine
  • Word-of-Mouth:  with easy access to tap into a network of over 600,000 students, brand agents educated their peers on all things Neebo on a daily basis


  • Double-digit increases in redemption rates of Neebo bookstore rush and buyback offers in all markets
  • Increased sales around key periods in all markets