PayPal developed their millennial strategy around the PayPal mobile app, hoping to replace your average college student dependence on cash and writing checks with the ease and security of PayPal. The goal was to drive app downloads, usage, and behavioral change among college students.


YMC developed and executed a nationwide student brand ambassador challenge and food truck event campaign across 3 campuses:

  • YMC, in partnership with agency LBI US, built a 2-part campaign called the “No Money Money Challenge” which incorporated campus events with a student brand ambassador powered challenge
  • Campus events evolved into a Food Truck Challenge, where teams of student brand ambassadors battled to drive maximum attendance to their food truck event, where students would get nearly free food for downloading and paying $1 with their PayPal mobile app
  • The student brand ambassador powered challenge was executed across 3 program schools, with 5 student brand ambassador teams per school
  • Teams were challenged to maximize the number of transactions across their group over a 6 week period


  • The program was a resounding success generating over 680,000 unique impressions and 6,500 transactions in 6 weeks
  • The PayPal mobile app became the go-to payments solution on program campuses for peer-to-peer transactions, household bills, and student orgs/clubs collecting semester member dues