ROCKSTAR Energy Drink, distributed by Coca Cola with significant West Coast market penetration of the U.S., wanted to increase brand awareness and market share beyond the West Coast through an increased presence in the Northeast, Midwest, South, and Southeast  while driving trial and conversion among the high school & college markets.


YMC designed an integrated campus brand ambassador program leveraging student influencers as reps, based around an approach that targeted both college and high school students in markets with low brand development.

  • A college brand ambassador program at key colleges and universities that delivered live product samples and branded gear to students through hand-to-hand sampling, hundreds of annual themed parties, study breaks and other on-campus events
  • High school activations that integrated the ROCKSTAR brand into student-centric events
  • Event sponsorship and branded activities at the most popular Spring Break destinations including onsite sampling and VIP pass distribution for club and entertainment venues
  • Online exposure including Facebook applications, as well as print promotional tie-ins


  • More than 1,000,000 cans of ROCKSTAR energy drink were distributed across 50+ college campuses, 5,000+ high schools, and at 27 college Spring Break and off-campus high school events
  • Over 30MM impressions generated through print pieces, website views, and content posts to 130,000+ Facebook followers
  • Over 75,000 photos captured by college and high school ambassadors
  • 30,000+ pieces of social media content was created