Sallie Mae wanted to grow their online communities of college student advocates, educate them about financial literacy and the importance of making smart financial choices for education, and most importantly, change sentiment about the brand.

The specific goal of this program was to elevate Sallie Mae’s brand by developing a student-oriented voice that authentically spoke to today’s college student, while also adding a “coolness” factor to grab their attention and impact perception.


YMC launched a campaign around a college education scholarship and lifestyle Facebook contest on the Sallie Mae corporate Facebook page featuring:

  • Engagement and re-engagement of college students through “must-have” and “cool” prize packages totaling $10,000
  • Digital peer-to-peer tactics and targeted marketing efforts that create buzz and positive sentiment towards Sallie Mae
  • A more youthful Sallie Mae voice that educated and had dialogue with Sallie Mae’s core consumer: college students
  • Relevant promotion of Sallie Mae products and services focused on college consumers


  • Generated over 55mm impressions for Sallie Mae throughout the course of the contest
  • Increased engagement on the Sallie Mae Facebook page by over 1200% during the 8 week period and beyond
  • Completely changed the sentiment of conversation on the Sallie Mae Facebook page from overwhelmingly negative, to very positive


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