PureGrowth Partners and 50 Cent, the minds behind Street King Energy Shots (now SK Energy), partnered with YMC to develop a brand voice, generate loyalty, create buzz, and drive trial with college students.


YMC built a campus rep program across 9 college campuses in New York City and 30 college campuses nationwide, focused on engaging with influencers in nightlife, Greek life, club sports, etc. The goals of the campaign were as follows:

  • Convert existing energy drink/shot drinkers, coffee drinks, and non-energy shot users into SK Energy consumers
  • Integrate SK Energy into all aspects of campus life through weekly guerrilla sampling events
  • Plan and host custom events focused on daytime & nighttime parties, tailgates, concerts, and study breaks
  • Drive retail store off-take in and around target campuses
  • Utilize social media  to promote the brand, campus events, and to drive traffic to SK Energy social properties


  • Over 200,000 samples distributed & 12 million impressions generated during branded events & experiences
  • Program schools had more than double the Facebook penetration (4.32% of all undergrads) as compared to non-program schools (1.82% of all undergrads)
  • Boosted awareness to 82% of program school undergrads compared to less than 10% prior to launch