T-Mobile wanted to develop a Spring Break campaign over 21 consecutive days to interact with and provide authentic value to college students traveling internationally to Mexico.


YMC created a Spring Break experience at the Oasis Cancun that offered genuine value to spring breakers and connected them in a natural and engaging way with T-Mobile’s brand and products. The T-Mobile experience included:

  • A Stay Connected Hut where spring breakers were introduced to the T-Mobile G1 and could make free calls and texts to the US
  • A Recharge and Refresh Hut where brand ambassadors handed out free branded bottled water and beach towels
  • Lounge seating around the T-Mobile experience giving spring breakers a place to refresh and recharge in style
  • A My Faves photo team that walked the property offering free, branded photos to spring breakers as memories of their vacation


  • An estimated 900,000+ college student impressions were generated as well as 15,750 phone calls and texts messages sent
  • 4,000 towels and 5,000 bottles of water distributed, along with 3,000+ photos taken
  • 38,325 spring breakers visiting the footprint and more than 40,000 students viewed the lounge while frequenting the pool and main stage