Timberland sought to utilize YMC’s network of college influencers to generate awareness on their present and upcoming collections, increase usage of their in-store student discount, and drive foot traffic into local Timberland stores.


YMC developed and launched a month-long campaign on 7 college campuses centered around the heavy traffic and purchase potential of Parent’s Weekend. Leading influencers were selected to bring the Timberland brand voice to life on campus through the following tactics:

  • Hosting large and small events on campus, directly engaging leading social student groups with the brand
  • Highlighting products within the “Made for the Modern Trail” fall collection
  • Distributing branded promotional items and student discount cards
  • Educating their peers on the available year-round, in-store student discounts and a specialty discount specific to Parent’s Weekend
  • Leveraging social channels to further engage and showcase influencer impact on campus


  • Average of 35% increase in college discount usage among top markets
  • Over 9,500 students interacted with Timberland on their respective campuses
  • Nearly 5,000 college ID discount cards distributed
  • Hundreds of original social content pieces created, generating hundreds of thousand of impressions