Vince Camuto sought to create a sophisticated, fashion-oriented program on college campuses to help young women live fashion every single day.


YMC created and implemented the Vince Camuto on Campus program, a 10 campus peer-to-peer campaign in its first year, which grew to 50 campuses in its second year, to naturally engage millennial fashionistas with the Vince Camuto brand.

  • Teams were responsible for planning a combination of live and digital tactics throughout the semester, with tactics including fashion shows, study breaks, and campus-wide scavenger hunts
  • Campus Managers visited key female-focused groups and integrated the brand into top social events on campus such as sorority chapter meetings, fashion group gatherings, and internship fairs
  • Fashion-forward content lived on school specific Facebook pages year 1, and a Vince Camuto on Campus Facebook page for year 2, with those pages being managed and updated by the respective Campus Managers


  • The Vince Camuto on Campus program reached a 25% average penetration of the female undergraduate Facebook population at each program school
  • Over 510,000 votes were cast in 1 week of voting during a Vince Camuto on Campus digital contest
  • Through on-campus and online events, the program generated over 65 million physical and digital impressions