Zipcar, the world’s largest membership-based car sharing company, wanted to target college students across the country with a peer-to-peer marketing program.


YMC and Zipcar developed a scalable nationwide on-campus program to drive Zipster membership, increase on-campus brand awareness, and drive WOM through existing Zipster engagement.

  • Zipcar Campus Reps were the campus faces and voices of the Zipcar brand
  • Campus Reps were hired based on being approachable, clever, and fun individuals who could effectively communicate the Zipcar message to students, faculty, and staff
  • Campus Reps were responsible for planning and execution of day-to-day promotional activities, a scavenger hunt challenge and a “You Need a Zipcar For This” moment specific to their campus


  • 39,000+ peer-to-peer conversations and 30,000+ campus and referral emails to students
  • 2,150+ classroom/organization announcements made via group visits
  • 150+ dorm parties thrown by Zipcar Campus Reps
  • 500+ pop-up Zipcar experiences created around campus involving different Zip themes
  • 10,000+ social media posts achieving 5.1M+ impressions
  • 55 orientation events hosted during key times of year