Not only do we have access to hundreds of thousands of students on college campuses across the country, but our strategic partnerships grant us space in the most coveted and high-traffic interaction points on and around campus.

Whether your brand belongs in the student rec center, quad, cafeteria, dorms, Greek houses, or on the intramural fields, we have the network to connect your brand with students, and the expertise to cultivate authentic conversations, interactions, and expressions.

We pride ourselves in developing campaigns, events, and platforms that allow students to naturally experience your brand, in areas of campus that are relevant to their lifestyles.


How can you capitalize on our campus relationships?

  • Rec center events and experiences
  • Campus mobile tours
  • Intramural sports sponsorships
  • Pop-up brand experiences
  • Greek life events
  • Sports tailgates
  • Campus concerts
  • Speaking tours
  • Corporate recruiting