Spring Break

Every year, millions of college students flock to a handful of spring break hot spots throughout the United States and Mexico. In addition to getting a tan, hitting the slopes, and partying all night long, it turns out that the same students that go on spring break are the ones that set trends on campus.

Imagine having unfettered access to the most influential students at campuses across the country, and finding them all in one place. We know – wow.

There are a million and one ways to do spring break, and we have the 20 year track record, expertise, and creativity to help your brand break through the competition’s clutter.


How can you reach spring breakers?

  • Daytime beach, pool, and ski events
  • In-room branding and product placement
  • Interior and exterior hotel branding
  • Non-traditional media
  • Nighttime events, concerts, and parties
  • Interactive stage contests
  • Beach street teams
  • Massive sampling and trial initiatives