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Samsung Campus Marketing Program

Samsung, one of the world’s largest electronic device producers and technology companies, sought to increase brand affinity, market share, and mobile device sales with Gen-Z consumers.


student trials of Samsung’s newest tech

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Gen-Z Marketing Campaign

YMC built a nationwide college marketing program that engaged diverse & talented students as campus ambassadors, student influencers, and student content creators. They were tasked with creating authentic social media content & driving meaningful product touch points during on-campus events. The overall strategy was centered around personalized storytelling and product education to highlight the unique features of Samsung's Galaxy devices and Galaxy ecosystem, with the goal of authentically connecting with Gen-Z students & highlighting switching stories by Apple users.

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Campus Ambassadors
  • Student Influencers
  • Student Content Creators
  • On-Campus Events
  • Content Strategy & Creation
  • Product Demos & Trials
  • Gen-Z Insights


impressions across social platforms


on-campus activations executed


video views across social platforms


pieces of social content posted

“This program taught me tons about the field of marketing and the influence I have on my peers. It's such a responsibility to represent a brand like Samsung and I was so excited to know that my peers see the authenticity in my posts and messaging."

Hasani C., Morehouse College