We leverage our Student Athlete relationship network to develop NIL partnerships between brands and fans.

What makes YMC special in the Student Athlete & NIL space?

We've been building meaningful relationships in the student marketing and talent business for over 25 years, so not only do we have incredible brand recognition but we've earned even greater trust with the student body—especially with Student Athletes. We believe that any NIL partnership, in the true sense of the word, needs to equally benefit the Student Athlete, the brand, the campus community, and their fans.

Our Student Athlete relationships can be leveraged by your team in a variety of ways to power NIL campaigns, including but not limited to:

  • Market research and product testing / fit
  • Content creation
  • Social sharing on TikTok, Instagram, Snap, YouTube, Pinterest, and more
  • Web content
  • Talent appearances
  • Sampling & gifting
  • Product ratings and reviews
  • Contest and sweepstakes promotion
#OwnTheCampus College Program
Let's Build Meaningful NIL Campaigns Together
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