Engadget: "Google lets college students borrow a Chromebook"


If you brought a big, conventional laptop with you to college, you’re probably regretting it right about now. It’s not fun to lug a heavy machine and your textbooks around campus. You may have an easy way to try out something a little kinder to your back, though. Google has unveiled the Chromebook Lending Library, a demo program that lets students borrow a featherweight Chrome OS machine for a few days. So long as Google is on the school grounds, the system is yours; you can take notes in cl

USA Today - Google Launches 'Chromebook for College' Tour


Google is bringing a different kind of library to college campuses.

For the next few weeks, Google will take its #ChromebookforCollege tour, where students will be able to rent a Chromebook free of charge from its Lending Library, first come, first served.

Lisa Callahan, a sophomore at Texas State University who rented a Chromebook from the library, says students are definitely excited about this “awesome opportunity” from Google.

TechCrunch: "Chromebook Lending Library Offers Students At 12 U.S. Colleges A Free Laptop To Borrow"


Google is teaming up with a dozen college campuses across the U.S. to provide access to free Chromebook notebooks to any student who wants one, in a system that lets them temporarily check out the laptops for late-night cram sessions or just finding the best animal GIFs on Imgur.

The Google program features fun-colored café-style installations like the one pictured above, which will tour the 12 campuses this school year. The Lending Library has the fairly clear intent of getting students some hands-on time with Chromebooks and Chrome OS, which Google clearly sees as a smart fit for the college set, but which could also undeniably use a grassroots student body-led adoption movement to pick up steam.

EVENT MARKETER - "Special Report - Spring Break 2013"


The majority of activations we saw with dedicated footprints took place between four huge beach clubs and resorts, three of which are located on a quarter-mile stretch of beach. Brands often visit a spot like PCB for a week, leave to activate at another spring break locale, like South Padre Island, for a week, and then return.

The Axe brand, which offers men a range of hygiene products, had a pretty creative activation space on the beach to promote its Axe Face line of products and corresponding Axe Facescore “Upgrade Your Face” promotional campaign. The raised room on the beach at Spinnaker Beach Club had four walls and a roof.

NY TIMES - "On Campus, It’s One Big Commercial"


IT’S move-in day here at the University of North Carolina, and Leila Ismail, stuffed animals in tow, is feeling some freshman angst.

A few friendly upperclassmen spring into action.

But wait: there is something odd, or at least oddly corporate, about this welcome wagon. These U.N.C. students are all wearing identical T-shirts from American Eagle Outfitters.