We don’t rely on the traditional trappings of marketing because with millennials, peer-to-peer is king. Simply put, peer-driven word-of-mouth interactions have become the most effective method of moving the needle for brands on college campuses and online.

We utilize our national network of over 250,000 student influencers across 500+ colleges and universities to recruit student brand ambassadors who are genuinely passionate about YOUR brand.

These aren’t Craigslist street teams, and you won’t find a forty year old staffer wearing your brand’s logo on a t-shirt. It’s simple. We create engaging, authentic, and relevant opportunities for students to talk about the brands and causes they love.

For each new client, we diligently recruit, train, and manage students that authentically represent the essence of your brand. Which means that you’ll have legions of true believers ready to talk to their friends about your brand on campus.


How can you mobilize our student influencers?

  • Student brand ambassador campaigns
  • Brand and social/cause advocacy campaigns
  • Guerilla-style marketing on and off campus
  • Sampling and collateral distribution
  • Digital-social campaigns powered by influencers
  • Market research and focus groups
  • User generated content campaigns