Dermalogica College Campus Ambassadors

Keeping with the Dermalogica brand's mission to elevate the importance of healthy skin, YMC assembled a team of college skin care enthusiasts to help increase awareness and drive purchase consideration with a younger demographic.

Situation YMC and Dermalogica teamed up to create a strategy to increase brand perception for Millenials and Gen-Z and convert students into customers using online discount codes. Student brand ambassadors educated their peers on the variety of skin care products offered, while incorporating the brand's core principles (education, personalization, + human touch) into all of their on-campus promotional efforts.


Product sampling and brand education through custom on-campus events

Distribution of exclusive, school-specific coupon codes to drive sales

Authentic, high-quality content creation incorporating best-selling products



Social media impressions generated by student content


Product samples distributed


Average dollars spent per student using program-specific coupon code

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