Aerie #AerieREAL Brand Ambassadors

Aerie, an apparel brand on a mission to empower all women to love their real selves, wanted to restructure YMC's existing ambassador program to amplify the #AerieREAL message and connect with an audience outside of the college demographic.

Situation YMC expanded the program beyond college by building a diverse ambassador team comprised of women of all ages and backgrounds. Through the creation of authentic, relatable lifestyle content on social media, ambassadors spread awareness for the brand’s body-positive initiatives and built a community of #AerieREAL advocates.


Expand the program to include 100 ambassadors in 41 markets

Broaden the ambassador age range to 18-44 years old to reach a new audience

Create body-positive content with genuine captions to keep things #AerieREAL



Impressions generated on Instagram


Engagements on ambassador social posts


Pieces of original social content created

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