Waze College Marketing Program

Waze Carpool, a fresh way to share the road & the cost of commuting, asked YMC to assemble a team of enthusiastic student brand ambassadors and spearhead an experiencial pop-up tour in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Situation YMC built a pop-up experience supported by always-on brand ambassadors to drive app downloads and position Waze Carpool as a cost-effective commuting solution. Through weekly word-of-mouth activities, creative social content, and a dynamic Drive-Thru experience, ambassadors introduced students to a new way of getting to campus.


Build an interactive Drive-Thru pop-up structure to enhance product education

Circulate school-specific bit.ly links via digital content for easy app onboards

Increase education & acquisition through weekly word-of-mouth activities



Instagram impressions through SBA content


Average student interactions per campus


New app users over 10 weeks of programming

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