Sephora Collection Campus Rep Program

Sephora Collection (SC), Sephora's very own beauty brand, called on campus reps to connect with a new audience of consumers, shift student price perception, and increase brand advocacy.

Situation YMC cultivated a community of passionate and influential students to promote the Sephora Collection brand and to create authentic content using SC products. In addition to driving new customer acquisition, the in-store events amplified SC's voice and drove a significant amount of sales. On-campus tactics reinforced love for the SC brand and built a huge community of brand advocates who now see Sephora Collection as their go-to beauty brand.


Launch a digital strategy that amplified key campaigns + products

Host in-store events that encourage first-hand product interaction

Create on-campus touchpoints to showcase the SC brand personality



SC product sales during in-store events


Instagram impressions on campus rep content


Unique live student interactions

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